"The only unique contribution we will ever make in this world will be born of our creativity."

~From "the Gift of Imperfection" by Brene Brown

friday march 29th


saturday april 27th


24 x 18 inches
Medium: watercolor, metallic inks.

Materials: metallic inks, pre-drawn template, mixing tray, watercolors, droppers, paintbrushes.

Zebras are my favorite animal! Their bold black and white coat pattern lends itself to many color variations!

Create a unique zebra using bright watercolors, add some bling to make it shine! Several color choices available.


kids class


w. lindsey munson

swirly zebra

w. isabel bonilla

batik barracuda

w. isabel bonilla

saturday march 30th


Mixed media; all supplies included!

art bites

​w. Dan Granger

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friday april 5th


16 X 12 inches

Medium: Watercolor, gouache, glitter glue and sticker gems.

Materials: glitter glue, gems, watercolors, gouache, paper, mixing cups, droppers.
  This piece is inspired by animal spirits worshipped by multiple cultures across the world. 

Wolves have been particularly awe-inspiring creatures in many places; they are majestic,

fierce and are said to have magical powers.  In this class, we'll be creating different watercolor and gouache

textures and effects, as well as adding that "magic touch" with glitter and stick-on gems.


fridays from 12p-1p

Create pieces of art on small canvases, cards, gift tags, magnets, and more using acrylic paint, watercolor, stamps (handmade by you!), collage, markers, inks, etc.

Make as many pieces as time allows!

This class is great for families, as well as adults groups and teens.

prickly pear

​w. lindsey munson


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saturday march 30th


Mixed media; all supplies included.  Ages 6 years and older.

bohemian wolf

w. isabel bonilla

friday april 19th


24 x 9 inches
Medium: watercolor, wax sticks, glitter and sticker gems. 

Price: $40 per person
Max of 5 people

Materials: glitter, modge-podge, gems, watercolor paper, resist sticks, frog tape.

This piece is inspired by the traditional art of batik, which uses wax to "protect" certain areas of a surface

to create a color blocking effect. It's mostly used in south Asia for creating lavish and intricate textile patterns.

However, this batik piece has a twist, since it incorporates whimsical elements like glitter and sticker gems on a

base of bright watercolor wash. This creates a colorful, shimmery and almost 3D effect that varies

depending on the angle it is viewed at.